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Fast Solution Solar Installation  delivers cost effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products. Best project management is a specialty of Fast Solution Solar Installation where we pay special attention on customer requirements, efficient design, safety, quality, cost and schedule. Our Projects are managed by professionals who deliver the best performance in every element of project management from conceptual design to startup and after-sales services. Our Products are the best selection of PV Solar modules, Inverters, Batteries and other Energy Efficient Appliances. So whenever you’re looking for Solar Energy Solutions, Do contact Us.

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Company History Timeline
Founded in 2020
Fast Solar Installation is a Project of Fast Solution Technologies founded in 2020.
Our Website is Created (2021)
We started selling via website in 2021 in All Pakistan.
First Purchase (2021)
Our First Online sale quickly came in 2021.
Our Project totals over 85+ (2022)
Within 2 Years, We installed 70 + solar system, and started managing 15+ pre installed system.
Partner with 5+ Top Firms(2024)
We are partnered with 5+ World Class Brands.

Executive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

Fahad Umer
Haseeb Umer
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Sohail Umer
Development Manager
Raheel khalid
Customer Service Manager

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